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Jasmine Powell

  • The Haw River Ballroom 1711 Saxapahaw Bethlehem Church Rd. Saxapahaw, NC 27340 (map)

During her residency with Culture Mill, Jasmine Powell will be working on a new project titled: Shadows Chasing Light.

Shadows Chasing Light is not only a dance concert. Shadows Chasing Light is its own experience, which determines its own involvement to help discover and understand who we are and how we think we love. The interplay of shadows and light will be used to fully illustrate our ability to give and receive love—sending us on an ever-evolving journey. It has its own world, characters, personality, and interests to connect to the audience not from the anticipated front door approach, but from a more integral connection. Its mission of the performing arts is to gather a diverse audience of age, gender, politics, spiritual association, ethnic, economic, and artistic minds into a communal space to experience the other which is also their own. This interdisciplinary performance unearths and manifests the deep emotions that surround love, sending us on the darkest and brightest pathways of the soul. As an artist, the vision of these communities should expand as each form supports new endeavors into the unknown.

The transmedia approach allows conversations of local visual artists, cultural threads of musicians, international collaboration and supporters to find a home where everyone is brought to the table. The beauty of transmedia art is that it is a non-static practice, constantly evolving, and re-creating itself under the pretense to honor the art of collaboration. This show will display the co-directors' individual visions that took a risk to collide and watch its creation unfold in real time. 

The ultimate vision for the experience of Shadows Chasing Light is for it to be utilized as a learning tool. There are individual artistic tools inside the work, but the process is the tool of most value for the audience members. The idea of a performance workshop series or residency will have the ability to connect with the community of its new locations. This allows the repeated practice of seeking out the untapped potential for collaboration to again develop a workshop and excerpts of the performance to be shared with the community.

Jasmine Powell is an emerging transmedia artist in dance, visual art, and education. Continuing on her lifelong journey of exploring the many diverse forms of art and their meaning, Jasmine completed her B.A. in Dance fromOberlin College and has an M.F.A in Dance from Hollins University (a program done in collaboration with American Dance Festival, Forsythe Company and Frankfurt University for Music and Performing Arts).

Jasmine has performed with the Collage Dance Company, Dance Diaspora/Essence (Oberlin College), and has performed and choreographed for thePhiladelphia Dance Company (Philadanco) D2. In addition to such notable experiences, she has had the pleasure of training and performing original work by Dianne McIntyre, KT Niehoff, and Milton Myers, enabling her to collaborate with creators domestically and internationally.