A performing Arts Laboratory in Saxapahaw, NC

Dancing with Parkinson’s

September, 2019 - April, 2020

The second phase of Culture Mill’s three-year program linking artistic tools to research on Parkinson’s Disease will focus on new classes for People living with Parkinson’s, their care-partners, dancers, researchers and students. Parallel to these classes, an interdisciplinary working group of professional dancers, neuroscientists, physical therapists and people living with Parkinson’s will meet monthly to analyze and better understand the approach developed in Dancing with Parkinson’s. During the course of the year, project leaders Noonan and Elizéon will travel to France to teach Danse Pour Parkinson’s classes in Paris and to conduct meetings furthering connections to French institutions and specialists for the future of the project. In April 2020, a lecture-demonstration as well as a screening of Elisabeth Barbier’s new film documenting the project will take place on April 11th, 2020, World Parkinson’s Day.

photo: Sarah Marguier



July, 2019 - June, 2020


After nearly two years of informal collaboration with the Saxapahaw Social Justice Exchange, Culture Mill will spend the year fully engaged with the Exchange as a part of a project funded by the Z Smith Reynolds Foundation. Culture Mill will continue to house Social Justice Exchange programs at the Culture Mill Lab in Saxapahaw, such as bi-monthly table talks exploring the dynamics of systemic racism, bi-monthly film screenings, quarterly Brunch and Breathe events for local Black and Brown people, and yearly celebrations such as Indigenous People’s Day, Black History Month and Juneteenth. Furthermore, the project will include new residencies and performances from artists of color as well as movement classes connected to the Exchange.


CJ Suitt Residency

December, 2019

In December, Culture Mill will host performance poet CJ Suitt in a residency at the Culture Mill Lab. Aside from being a performance poet, CJ Suitt is an arts educator and community organizer based between Chapel Hill, NC and Oakland, CA whose work is rooted in storytelling and social justice. He is committed to speaking truth to power and aims to be a bridge for communities who can't always see themselves in each other. CJ is making a long-awaited move into full-time artistry to be a bridge for people engaging in relationships across differences and to facilitate dialogue in spaces that are often dominated by fear-driven stereotypes. He is the co-creator of the podcast, Sitting in the Intersection, which explores the radical nature of relationships across differences. CJ’s residency will include other performances and educational outreach activities in Alamance County. As the first W.A.G.E certified organization in the southeast, all Culture Mill artist residencies include living-wage fees according to the W.A.G.E fee-scale.

photo: colette heiser



May - June, 2020

In the spring of 2020, Culture Mill will host Paris-based artist Christian Ubl for three weeks in Saxapahaw. Ubl is Artistic Director of Compagnie CuBE, which has toured extensively throughout France and Europe, creating work for companies and venues such as Festival d’Avignon, CCN Ballet de Lorraine, Thétre Hexagone Scènce Nationale Arts Sciences, Pol Sud, CCN Crétuil, Ballet Preljocaj, Ballet Nationale de Marseille, CND Lyon, La Briqueterie and others. As a part of his residency, Ubl will create three participatory “Summer Ball” dance events, wherein Ubl along with France and NC-based dancers will invite audiences to participate in a lightly choreographed social event designed to playfully introduce audiences to contemporary dance. Three Summer Ball events will take place as a part of the residency: one in downtown Graham, a second in coordination with Alamance public schools, and a third at The Current ArtSpace + Studio, Chapel Hill, NC in coordination with Carolina Performing Arts. Ubl’s residency is supported in part by a grant from the French American Cultural Exchange (F.A.C.E Foundation)  and the North Carolina Arts Council.

photo: Fabienne Gras




Culture Mill’s open space program has become an integral part of its place-based mission to foster a creative ecosystem in Saxapahaw, NC. The program states that if a member of our greater community wishes to utilize the Culture Mill Lab for a free event that supports our mission or our greater community, we will do our best to make the space available at little to no cost outside of our regular programming. This program is supported by more than 70 monthly sustainers at various amounts; it asserts the relevance of a gift-economy, which centers circularity and abundance over scarcity and transactional exchange. We maintain that such a program not only builds social and creative capital within our community, but helps to sustain a space for our programming, and therefore our organization itself. For more information on joining this program as a sustainer click HERE; to use our space as a part of this program, check HERE, or contact Culture Mill’s Open Space Program manager: Mtende Roll.



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