The Culture Mill Lab


A performing Arts Laboratory

The Culture Mill Lab is a space which supports the realization of our programs and projects. It is a rehearsal and performance space for artworks that will take place in Saxapahaw or elsewhere. It is a place for artists to gather in order to exchange practices, ideas and strategies, and for students to take part in Culture Mill’s educational programming. The Lab is also our office and studio space. All of these events together help to build creative community in Saxapahaw, and to provide a space for the support and development of the arts.


The Culture Mill Lab

1616 Jordan Dr.

Saxapahaw, NC 27340


renting or using the culture mill Lab

Our Open Space Policy states that if a member of our greater community wishes to utilize the Lab for a free event that supports our mission or our greater community, we will do our best to make the space available outside of our regular programming. For private or profit-generating events, we rent the Lab depending on availability.  Please inquire by sending an email to

Fee Schedule

For-profit / private event rental: $50/hr or $300/day (more than 5 hours) + $30 cleaning fee

Artistic or community event generating profit: $10/hr or $50/day (more than 5 hours) + $30 cleaning fee

Ticketed artistic event: 30% of box office + $30 cleaning fee

Artistic or community event not generating profit: - $30 cleaning fee